Back from Waskaganish

Time is Money: A 15-minute mistake costed $333.43. After spending a lovely weekend with J. in Waskaganish, I went to the airport and missed check-in by about 10 minutes. The attendant wouldn’t budget or allow me on board – despite the fact everyone was still waiting at the gate – and I ended up returning to Chisasibi the next day on a few flight. Utterly embarrassing, considering that I am usually on time and never let myself make such a silly slip-up. This was probably the first time I’d ever missed a flight. J. footed it, despite my protestations and said I could cover the hotel when we …

Back to Hudson’s Bay: … visit Whapmagoostui In a couple of weeks to visit friends. I’d previously worked there for 8 weeks last spring when I was still a contractor.  The refundable fare on Air Creebec costs $434, while the non-refundable ticket is only $232 – that’s a difference of $200, nearly double! We’ll be staying with a friend for two nights and perhaps at a hotel for another two.

Playing House: This was our first full weekend that J. and I spent together. We’ve only been seeing each other for a few weeks but we had a great time. It was also fun playing house a little bit – he likes the fact that we work well together in the kitchen and won’t get in each other’s way. I had a lot of fun making dinner with him. On Sunday night, we had a bottle of white wine to go with some corn and pepper soup, garlic toast and black bean salad. Life seems so much easier when you share your responsibilities with someone else. I guess I was spoiled to have spent four nights together but now …

Back to Work: … I’m back in Chisasibi at the high school again. It’s been a hectic week and I feel like the paperwork is a bit overwhelming. I’m actually looking forward to having some time off classes – two afternoons are being canceled because of Hallowe’en and a hockey tournament – to play catch-up. Don’t ever go into teaching if you can’t organize your papers!

Phone Dates: Spent another two hours this weekend catching up with a couple of friends on the phone. It’s important to set aside time for this and keep the most important people in my life close to me.

Online Shopping: My order from came in on Friday. It took only 6 days to be delivered from Guelph, Ontario. However, it isn’t so great when your open the box and find that the almond milk ($3) has burst and soaked everything else. The bamboo chopping board ($28) I ordered is now moldy and I have to return it. Thankfully, the process is easy and postage is covered. You just go online and they create a PDF with the postage for you when you apply for a refund. Alright, my day’s been long enough – going to shower and try out my new loofah ($2.55)!


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