Winter Holiday To-Do

  • Celebrate Christmas with J. in Montreal
  • Visit Frida and Diego exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario with B.
  • Go to Jason Collett’s Sixth Annual Basement Revue Gave my tickets to K. and J. since I’ll be in Montreal
  • Have amazing 30th birthday celebrations
  • Go to a few hot yoga classes
  • Have a beer with R. and J., who used to work up north, in Montreal
  • Take Gramma to see ‘Wreck It Ralph’
  • Get my first tattoo
  • Pick up a CD drive for my Macbook Air

2 thoughts on “Winter Holiday To-Do

  1. I haven’t figured out my schedule yet, but perhaps I could go to Montreal sooner and do New Year’s Eve in Toronto. Don’t worry, nothing set in stone!

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