November Update

Credit Card: 
My mom sent me my new Visa and it should be at the post office now. I just want to have it and use up the prepaid Visa with all its fees!

Math Course: Progress is still slow and there’s only a week left until my midterm on Monday. I’m not feeling prepared yet, so I better pick up the pace!

Household Acquisitions  It’s nice that I’ve been in one place. Slowly, I’ve been acquiring more household goods. If I was moving around a lot more, I probably would avoid accumulating more stuff. I bought a bath mat ($18.99) and some microfiber kitchen towels ($9.99). I also ordered a cutting board ($16) off Mental note, should keep my eyes open when I go to garage sales next summer.

Health: It keeps getting darker and darker, earlier and earlier. I haven’t been on a walk in more than a month now and it’s guaranteed to be pitch-black out when I leave work. Also, the constant melting and freezing means that a walk feels as if you’re trying to navigate a skating rink. There are few sidewalks on the reserve and lighting is sparse; wandering in the dark isn’t something I’m interested in. I actually walked home with my flashlight today (I kid you not). Therefore, I’m going to bring the projector back and try out some of the Jillian Michaels workouts that I got before I came north. Cheaper than going to the gym, which is $7.50/day or $32.50/month. Otherwise, my Canadian tire’s gonna keep growing!

Sleep: Should avoid using the snooze and lying in bed for 45 minutes in the morning. I haven’t been going to bed early enough. Gah. Honestly, this could be easily rectified.

Career: A few weeks ago, the principal I was working with asked me to consider working for his board. One of the last few math teachers they had was leaving, on a week’s notice, for a job in the far north. Despite the fact my principal knows there’s a non-compete clause in my contract, it didn’t dissuade him from making this proposition. He let me consider for a couple of hours and in the end, I went back and politely declined. But it didn’t stop him from planting a seed in the back of my mind. While I’m still content with my job, I’m starting to realize some of the shortfalls of where I am.

  • No money for supplying: Although I’m currently taking on extra classes for the science teacher, I’m not being paid for the extra work, which would normally be $50 a class. It would be a conflict of interest and normally, full-time staff members of our charity don’t substitute. However, there is a severe shortage of teachers and I am helping out as a favour. It sucks to be short-changed though, as even teachers on the board still get paid for substituting.
  • No benefits and no pension: I was disappointed that full-time staff do not get any health benefits. I haven’t had health benefits since working in South Korea, back in 2007.
  • Entry-level work: Not everyone that works with my company is a teacher. Why am I, someone who’s got a few years of training and experience, continue working with a charity? Granted, I like being travel and not having to deal with report cards. But after talking to J. last night, he pointed out that it really is an entry-level job. There’s no union to protect me and my company makes it a point to hire young, unexperienced people who don’t put up a fuss. It would make sense, for someone with my background, not to mention the ridiculous number of AQs that I’ve got and paid for, to be working with a board by now. Of course, after suffering burn-out in 2007, the point of this job was to get me back into the field of teaching. Now that it’s served its purpose, should I seriously consider jumping ship?

Plans for Next Year: Going back to Ontario isn’t sounding better, considering all the labour discussions happening right now.


2 thoughts on “November Update

  1. As an Ontario teacher, I can tell you that it is a very difficult time in the schools right now. I have taught for 13 years, and have been through work to rules etc. before, but the mood this time is very different.

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