Work and Play

Work: It’s been a long, long busy week. I’ve continued substituting and was glad to be finally given forms to get paid by the school board. As for the work itself, I’ve just been trying to get more organized but often I feel like I’m just staying afloat. Honestly, I hate falling behind! Of course, I’m trying not to let it get to me and as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to draw better boundaries and turn down tasks when I’ve got too much on my plate. I’ll still be working on the weekend though and preparing for the next week – it’s just part of teaching.

Food: Last weekend, I made a big pot of vegan chili with black bean and corn, but as the week got hectic and stressful, I gave in to a lot of junk that I normally don’t indulge in, such as sour cream, white bread, fudge, chips and salted butter. These foods in any amount is somewhat unusual, since a) I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and b) generally avoid buying and having unhealthy items at home. But when my coworker moved out last week, she left some of her bad habits in the fridge. I’ll just be a bit more careful about my next trip to the grocery store. I need to load up on more fruit!

Health: Badminton on Tuesday was canceled, since there was Parent’s Night at the school. I was glad to finally make it out Friday, since I hadn’t played in over a week. One of the English teachers, M., dropped by, to talk about two students with special needs that I work with. She has a great philosophy about teaching and really sees the bigger picture of what success means, teaching up north. We chatted for an hour and she asked me to join her for the Monday night fitness program! I agree and signed up for 12 sessions today for $60. What an amazing deal! I’m pumped to get back into shape and hang out with a new friend. It was also nice to indulge in an hour-long massage on Saturday.

Career: Depending on how my relationship goes with J., it might not be a bad idea to get my brevet. I could potentially live in Waskaganish with him and teach there. I know, I know – I’d mention I thought about jumping ship but I don’t know how likely I would go through with it. It might make sense to wait until next year. Up north, I definitely have more flexibility as a teacher and can work in the high school. However, I still can’t apply for secondary schools in Ontario, since I’ve only got one teachable at the secondary level. Life up here has been nice and less stressful. I can see myself being up here for a couple more years.

Media: I’m hooked on Pearls Before Swine! I’ve been reading J.’s favourite comic book before bed. I also bought two online games, Portal and Portal 2, ($6.99 USD) after J. gave me a gift subscription to Magic: The Gathering and got me into trying out games on Steam. This weekend, I’m also watching Gandhi, although I likely won’t have time to finish this 3-hour epic film.

Apps: I’ve been looking for a new app to replace Pocket Informant. As far as I understood it, there’s no app designed for the desktop and the web-based planner is useless to me. I need a digital planner that syncs to both my Macbook and my iPad and found 2Do to be the most popularly reviewed. The desktop version was $20; I also bought the iPad app ($10) and synced it through a free ToodleDo account. Yay! I love finding good productivity apps. I just wish it hadn’t taken me 2 hours to shop for it and get it synced …


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