Year in a Glance – 2012


  • Went for a bra-fitting for the first time
  • Watched a musical, Avenue Q
  • Had an awesome birthday party at Paintlounge
  • Visited my cousins in New York City
  • Ate at a vegan Korean restaurant
  • Got offered a full-time position with the government (but declined)
  • Took tango lessons


  • Started a new job with a charity
  • Hung out in a hot tub in Quebec on my first day of work
  • Had a well-attended farewell party at Le Commensal
  • Took mom to Guu and the Toronto Symphony at Roy Thomson Hall for her birthday


  • Went downhill skiing in Quebec
  • Visited the far north and drove on the James Bay highway
  • Visited a fly-in community, Whapmagoostui


  • Visited a Cree culture fair
  • Bought a Macbook Air to replace damaged laptop
  • Stayed at a B&B in Wasaga Beach
  • Went hiking in the Blue Mountains and caving
  • Finished my first senior AQ


  • Ran some games and demonstrated leadership at ET training session
  • Saw George Takei at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra
  • Started learning how to play an accordion on the iPad
  • Held a dumpling party up north
  • Taught an exam prep workshop
  • Deleted my account


  • Saw the sunset over Hudson’s Bay
  • Celebrated National Aboriginal Day
  • Got offered a full-time job with my charity


  • Left my long-term relationship of 3.5 years
  • Went biking on the Toronto Islands twice
  • Went on a boat ride around the Islands
  • Went tubing at Elora Gorge
  • Went camping in a yurt in Bruce Peninsula National Park
  • Worked at a summer camp with students of a Mississauga tribe
  • Rented a car by myself for the first time
  • Joined a beach volleyball 4s team


  • Went to a national park in California and in Oregon
  • Went to a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula
  • Enjoyed excellent Mexican food on the west coast
  • Got back into photography
  • Swam in Lake Ontario at Ashbridge’s Bay
  • Won money for the first time at Texas Hold’Em
  • Played beach volleyball 2s
  • Saw Regina Spektor perform live


  • Got back into yoga
  • Visited La Grande River in Radisson
  • Helped lead a science conference for the Cree School Board


  • Tried online dating but ended up giving my account away
  • Visited my friends in Whapmagoostui


  • Got offered a job with the school job
  • Began supply teaching and getting paid for it
  • Completed my math midterm for my distance studies course


  • Drove over a HydroQuebec dam near Chisasibi
  • Gave J. a haircut
  • Visited Montreal with J.
  • Taught my grandmother a new board game, For Sale
  • Got my first tattoo in Montreal
  • Won a cookware set

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