The Climb

Yesterday, I went rockclimbing with A. and S., two good friends I’ve known for a few years. I also met A., someone who recently joined the vegetarian/vegan community in Toronto.

We met up at Rock Oasis ($30 for a day pass and gear rental). I didn’t climb as much as I’d like to but had such a great time the three hours we were there. I only went for the easier walls and didn’t go any farther than a 5.7; next time, I should definitely try the 5.8s.

As we were about to leave, I spent 10 minutes on a V0 on the bouldering wall; it was so stimulating as I kept going over and over the holds again, each time smoother and faster than the last time. I’m more acclimatized to falling and didn’t get nervous each time I fell from a greater distance. I thought about how J. taught me how bouldering is just trying to solve a mental and physical puzzles. You play around and learn where you should push your hips, swing yours legs and avoid smashing your knees. And you won’t have any satisfaction until you finally solve the darn thing!

Since yesterday, all I can think about is going back to the climbing gym. I’ve been saying that I’d like to get into the sport and while I’m not in the city often, but I decided that I want to pick up a harness from MEC. Shoes the are more expensive part, but it would be much cheaper to have my own gear and my sister could use it when she feels like climbing. Hmmm, maybe a 10-class pass next time? $135 isn’t a bad deal.


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