Supermarket Supper

After a quick weekend in Toronto, I’m back in Collingwood. For anyone staff from out of town, the company puts us up in a hotel. Of course, it’s tempting to go out for dinner and try all the restaurants around town.* On the other hand, I should be saving my money for Hawaii next month. Therefore, I’m going to  eat most of my meals this week from the supermarket. There are actually quite a lot of choices at the 24-hour Metro’s, adjacent to our hotel!

Tonight, I got a bottle of Perrier ($1.69) and Indian palak panner and rajmah dahl from Amy’s Kitchen ($6). It was pretty delicious. The fat content is decent at 11 g, but the sodium is quite high at 680 mg. There’s 12 g of protein and a significant amount of calcium, vitamin A and C and iron. Not bad for Monday night!


* Last week, C., S., and I went to a fancy restaurant. My bill was $37, but it was nice to treat myself to a night out.


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