Being Resourceful

I only realized the other day that it was a year ago I started working with my company. Wow, 12 months ago!

And as I am reflecting on where I am in my career, I can say that our training in Collingwood has been going pretty well. Despite being somewhat grumpy last week, I felt much more productive and energetic this week. I really enjoy working with L., who’s very reliable; we get along very well and she makes me laugh. The team has been collaborating very well too and people have been hanging out together even after work.

Lately, various teachers have referred to my past lessons, demonstrations or experiments as ideas we can use in our upcoming program. I’ve been hearing phrases like, “You know, the electrical quiz board that M. made to teach electrical circuits,” or “The great hands-on activity to learn about how tides work.” I felt flattered to hear these phrases and know that I am a valued member of this team. It’s just funny when I hear them because it might actually take me a few minutes to realize what my colleagues are talking about!* This is why I often document intriguing lessons with photos and videos; simply, I just can’t remember everything I’ve done.

It’s also a good reminder that the best part about being a teacher is that I am always in pursuit of new and fun ideas. I’m glad I’m not sitting in a cubicle for the rest of my life.

*Often, my response is, “Oh right, that thing that I did.”


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