(More) Lifestyle Inflation

Math course: I finished my exam yesterday! It cost me $100 to use Seneca College as my inviligator, but it was much more convenient in terms of travel and time, since the campus was only a 10-minute drive away.

However, I totally flunked my last assignment and scored 28%; I didn’t have time to cover all the topics and decided to focus more time on focusing the core concepts instead.

Business math is not something I would teach in the future, but it was useful to learn about how compound interest, mortgage payments and bonds work. Even though I moaned and groaned the last 5 months, I am glad I took the course. Now I wait, results will probably take a couple of weeks … I hope I passed!

Credit cards: I read about the Choice Card from American Express on Boomer and Echo this morning and decided to switch over. My mom and I went over the list of retailers and she helped me choose my ‘5 Choices’; since I’m still mostly working in Quebec, it makes sense to bank on places I regularly make purchases at (i.e. gas stations). My final list  is below:

  1. Esso
  2. Shell
  3. Metro
  4. Koodo
  5. Apple

Then I look at this list and wonder, should I switch one to LCBO or SAQ instead?

Sports gear: Oh, I blew a lot of money after my exam! Stopped in to MEC for a new harness ($54), climbing shoes ($99), chalk ($5) and chalk bag ($11). In the evening, I went to Sail and picked up a new pair of snowshoes. I got a 30% discount at Sail, so I paid $120 + tax instead of $170 + tax!



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