Net Worth: Looking Back on 2 Years

Was it really 7 days ago that I was still in Hawai’i? I still owe my sister money for vehicle rental and a few other costs that haven’t been calculated yet. I tried to include this into my net worth and estimated $300. And despite the fact that I blew a lot of moolah in Hawai’i, I still had a net increase.

Let’s be clear: I burned all the money I earned this month; what happened was that I got a small sum of money from my extended family in Hong Kong.* It comes from the clothing business that is owned by my father’s side of the family.

It was just two years ago I started blogging about my personal finances, career path and life goals. And in that time, I’ve nearly doubled my net worth! It definitely helps to keep track and see where you’re going. Maybe fifty-grand isn’t much for someone at the age of 30, but I am sincerely thankful to have supportive family and friends and not be one of the many horrible unemployment stories that make it to Gawker every week (a good kick in the behind if you ever fall into a bout of self-pity).

And for that, I’d like to say mahalo.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.38.39 PM
*Come to think of it, I still have approximately $800 from ‘Scheme 6000’. I completely neglected to calculate this into my net worth.


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