Keeping Your Networks Updated

Currently at the library finishing my paper application* to the school board. It’s been a while since I’ve applied to any jobs, so I fired off a couple of emails to keep in touch with my references. Remember to check phone numbers and address, because you don’t want your potential employer to call a number that’s out of service!

I’ve found that having a blog about your work experiences has made it easier to maintain a friendly, professional relationship. It’s tremendously helpful especially when you work and live abroad. Despite the distance, my network can still feel ‘connected’ with what I’ve been doing (plus it saves me from writing long-winded emails).

If you haven’t done so already, consider starting one. You don’t have to update frequently, but even having one or two posts a month is a great way to share ideas as a professional, whatever field you’re in.

*This is probably one of the few boards that I know don’t have an electronic application process.


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