Update from Whapmagoostui

Taxes and Donations: The school board sent home a T4 for my supply work in November and my fabulous mom, as usual, has taken care of my taxes. Also, Plan Canada called me when I was in my good mood. I bumped my monthly donation of $30 to $40. 

Credit Cards: I’m happy with my new Choice Card from American Express. I’ve been  racking up points with all the gas stops we make for work. In a month alone, I’ve collected more than 2000 points, enough for a $10 iTunes gift card. That would have covered my last purchase off Apple, which is another one of my “Fave Five” picks on my new Amex.

Music: Even a month after Hawai’i, I still daydream about it as I listen to Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Best of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. In fact, my favourite song on the album is about Kauai’i.

Presents: Back in January, J. sent some Christmas presents to me in Chisasibi. Unfortunately, I left town before the package arrived. Since I had to fly out from Chisasibi to Whapmagoostui, I finally got to open my presents … three months later! I was very touched by everything he picked out. Last night, I was snuggled in my new flannel sheets and this morning, I tested out the Bose speakers. I couldn’t have asked for better.

Career: The flight has been booked and I get to spend two nights with J. in Waskaganish. My interview is on Tuesday and I will be spending Sunday prepping. Wish me luck!


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