New Socks

When I graduated in 2007, I traveled to South Korea and taught middle school kids for a year. And believe it or not, most of the socks I currently wear I bought are from Asia, five years ago! It’s a miracle they’ve survived this long, but many of them are on their last legs … or toes. Seeing as my choices at the local Northern supermarket are limited, I ordered 6 pairs ($7.99/3 pairs) online. They were originally sent to Chisasibi, but was kind enough to re-route my order – free of charge – when I was found out that I was being transferred to Great Whale. I can’t say Secret makes the best socks, but this should hold the fort down until I come back south in 3 weeks.

I can’t wait to hit up all the winter closing sales! Going to look for cross country skis and perhaps a new jacket.

2013-04-05 17.56.30


One thought on “New Socks

  1. I bought two North Face winter jackets from Macy’s last week and will be picking them up before you come back for Goose Break. One is the same as my $300+ North Face jacket but in blue; I bought it for Mom and Grandma but they are saying it might be too heavy. i also bought a short jacket, black, with belt, hood. The sale was so great that it only cost $142 for both. You can try them on when you get back. I was thinking of buying out the inventory and selling them in Canada.

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