Net Worth: Done with the Snow

Winter Equipment: On Thursday, I mailed my snowpants, large Sorels and snowshoes to J.’s house in Waskaganish. Phew! Feels great to offload my winter gear. Got on the plane on Friday to enjoy …

Montreal: … the weekend with J.! It was great way to unwind. In general, I hadn’t been spending a lot up north so I didn’t feel guilty blowing money on some books, a pair of work shoes* ($80), a Joe Fresh dress ($35) and a new summer outfit at H&M. We also went bowling, watched a bad sci-fi movie and ate mini cupcakes ($9/6). We saved on accommodations since we stayed at J.’s parents house on the West Island and borrowed his family’s car to get around.

Net Worth: Saved about $3000 this month, but I’d also spent a lot on plane tickets to see J. in Montreal. My savings appear a bit inflated since I received $2788.22 back in taxes.

Financial Goals: I also finished my mattress fund of $1200. J. might bring up his mattress next year, so I might hold this off for another year or transfer it to another goal.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 8.14.22 PM

*J. scolded me for buying cheap Payless shoes that were one size too small for my feet. He helped me pick out these flats which were properly fitted and had support of the sole.


4 thoughts on “Net Worth: Done with the Snow

  1. I love sketchers for work shoes! Laird turned me onto them when I had a really bad sciatic nerve problem and I haven’t had an issue ever since! they’ve got decent ‘dressy’ sandals with the same types of soles but they can be hard to come by.

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