Departure Gifts

Since I am leaving my company for the school board at the end of June, I wanted to give a thank you present to the full-time staff that I worked with. The last year and a half has been amazing and I’ve learned so much. It really is a luxury to be in a collaborate environment with so many reliable people! We constantly travel, eat, work and play together. I won’t miss living out of boxes – it gets pretty tiring – but I will miss having a team who is so eager to work with me.

While I love my work, our jobs don’t give us many opportunities to advance. The company is filled mostly with new graduates. I really want the other women on my team to move forward, so I decided that the best present I could give was advice on how to do so. I bought five copies of the book I’ve been reading last month – one for my supervisor, one for the curriculum developer and three for the teachers I worked with. I wrote a personalized note for each of them. They were all very touched and happy to receive the gift.

As I think about next year, part of me is afraid of the big changes ahead, since I will be running my own classroom. But at the same time, I know that I will continue to work with some of these women throughout the school year. I also am happy to know they will continue to look out for me and help me if I am struggling. 


One thought on “Departure Gifts

  1. It’s always sad and scary to move on to the next stage of our lives but I assure you… While it may be scary (and maybe even difficult at times), it’ll be fantastic regardless. 🙂

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