Weekend in Eastmain

Spent the weekend in Eastmain. My coworker, A., and I drove down in a large van. Gas for a 4-hour return drive cost us approximately $253. Don’t you dare complain to me about gas prices in the city. There’s usually only one gas station in each town that we stop at.

It was a great weekend. I enjoyed seeing other coworkers and also visiting C. and E. We played Settlers of Catan at their house. It took a few hours, but I finally won with the ‘Longest Road’. It also helped that I was the only sober person. Ha!


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Eastmain

  1. Asian Pear: Laying out good groundwork is key in the beginning – try to be sourced near brick and build towards the trading ports. Then, I always go for settlements as soon as I can to get 2 of each resources on a good roll.

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