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Over the past year, I started listening to audiobooks. Recently, I enjoyed Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and also Drive, by Dan Pink. Listening to non-fiction books makes the information easier to take in, since I can type in notes on my iPad. With fiction, I prefer to snuggle up in a couch, a mug of chai in hand.

Unfortunately, I lost some of my audiobooks off iTunes when I was syncing between my Macbook and the iPad; while nearly everything you buy from iTunes is backed up, audiobooks are not allowed to be download a second time. It sucks to lose nearly $80 worth of books!

When I mentioned this problem, a few of my friends suggested I try Audible instead. Yesterday, I signed up for an account. Membership is normally $15/month, but they offer a 30-day free trial where you are given a free credit. I’ve already decided I will stay on with Audible, since the credit system they offer make audiobooks much cheaper to purchase than if you were choosing and buying individual books from iTunes. Each month of your membership, you receive one credit to spend. Therefore, rather than paying more than $20 a book, I can purchase one every 30 days at $15 a pop.

My first purchase last night is Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit. It took me a while to pick it but another friend of mine, A., had said it was a good read. Currently on chapter 2. 


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