Thinking about where I’ll be next year and what type of pretty rugs I’ll get! Of course, I should only get cloth rugs because J.’s bunnies will get sick if they nibble on plastic.

I forgot to mention I’ve adopted a red-eared slider. One of the teachers asked our company to adopt it – we have a small collection of turtles, lizards and snakes at our office – and our executive director agreed. However, I heard that the turtle pond at work has been getting a bit crowded and a bit of cannibalism had been happening. Two turtle heads were found floating in the pond.

Upon hearing that, I decided to keep her with me instead. I used to keep turtles when I was younger, so I am already a knowledgable pet owner. I will have to find her a bigger tank, as the current one is insufficient. On occasion, my roommate and I have let her run around the apartment to stretch her legs. She doesn’t have a name yet, but will be the class pet next year. Having a turtle is definitely adding to my summer shopping list – I’ll need to pick up a heat lamp, a filter, more pellets and some water softener too.

Life just happens, you know? You don’t plan for these things.



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