Learning a New Language

I’d been planning on learning Spanish for a long time. Two years ago, I even have a Teach Yourself Spanish kit. Unfortunately, it sits at home, covered in a film of dust.

Which brings me to my old roommate in, A., who has been learning Turkish the past month. She just graduated from teacher’s college and took a middle-school teaching position in Turkey for the next year. The school sent her CDs to learn Turkish and she has been walking around the house muttering to herself. The program, called ‘The Pimsleur Method’, is based on repeating short phrases. You need to master at least 80% of each 30-minute segment before you can move to the next one. The program actually discourages the use of paper and pencil; instead, it focuses on gaining mastery orally.

I decided that, with my free credit from Audible, I was going to finally get started! It would be a mini summer project, to keep my brain going. I ended up buying The Pimsleur Method: Digital Spanish, units 1-5.

Yesterday, as I was in the car, riding back to Toronto, I listened to the second unit. I plan on finishing this in the next week and moving onto the more comprehensive Teach Yourself program.


3 thoughts on “Learning a New Language

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