Net Worth: Summer Spending

No savings this month as I already started spending upon my return in Toronto. The biggest expenses was paying for my flight to Portland ($563), as well as food and equipment ($200) for the turtle that I’d recently inherited.

Although I have most of the basics to go with this 20-galloon tank, I’ll likely have to replace the underwater filter. Turtles are pretty dirty animals and the current filter is just not cutting it. Even after 24 hours, there’s a lot of food scraps and debris floating around. Lastly, the most important equipment that I’m holding off on right now is a water heater ($30-40); I’m hoping that the high school will let me expense one. It’s warm enough right now that she’s doing okay with the heat lamp, but come the fall, I’ll definitely need to make sure the water temperature is well-maintained in the classroom.

2013-06-28 13.28.36

Personal purchases: I threw out my 6-year-old Adidas runners and replaced them with a pair of Salomon trail runners ($136). Also, bought a work blouse and a pair of khakis from American Eagle ($90), as well as a fleece hoodie from Aritzia ($78). They’re justifiable purchases, but definitely paying for higher-quality brands means that you’re paying more than usual.

Investments: Dropped by $400 over the last month, so that also makes it appear as if I’m not saving.

Pay: My contract is officially over and yes, that means I am unemployed! However, I am still waiting for one more week of pay. There was one vacation day I did not take, as well as four lieu days. My supervisor has given me the thumbs up and I should see this in the next pay cycle in two weeks’ time.

Tutoring: This week, I contacted my old manager about teaching his two daughters math. He might have been turned off by the rate I gave ($35/hour or $30/hour at +1 hour). I’ve decided that I’m not willing to settle for a lower rate. My summer isn’t very long and if I am going to work, it should be worth my time (and also cover the commute).

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.15.56 PM


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