Raw Zucchini Pasta

Financial Goals: The $1800 that I have in my ‘Moving Out’ fund has been transferred over to general car use as rent for the next year will be neglible. Also, setting my RSP and travel funds to $1/weekly for now until I start working in August. And in other financial matters …

Donations: Having spent a lot of money recently, I decided to lower my monthly donation amount from $40 to $15. This brings my yearly donation from $480 down to $180.

Tutoring: My gig got canceled due to family illness. Oh well, more time to enjoy the summer.

Pet Care: Honu’s excessive shedding has stopped and her skin condition has improved over the past 3 weeks. Her shell, after a weekly slathering of shell lotion, is looking much better too. Her eyesids are a little bit puffy, so I bought eye drops. A trip out to the vet would cost a lot of money (6.5 hours drive to the nearest medical clinic), so mainting good health, as well as preventive care, is definitely essential. Before I left on my trip to Portland, I picked up a water heater as well. I should test this before I leave Toronto in a week.

Dinner party: My sister and I threw a small dinner party on Thursday. I tried to make as many raw dishes as possible. My friend, S., devoured the avocado chocolate mousse and her carnivorous husband actually fell in love with my raw zucchini spaghetti! There is no pasta or processed carbohydrates in it – just vegetables, garlic and basil. It was a success! I love getting people to try new things.



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