July Net Worth: Burning Money

This month’s net worth by a lot of purchases!

  • Car purchase: I put $5000 down and started my first payment of $157.24 biweekly. Then I had to buy utility mats, First Aid kit, emergency blanket, tire pressure gauge. Yeah, it adds up.
  • Car insurance: The first payment is actually two payments, at $397.50. Not much one can change about the premiums!
  • Last paycheck: I asked for compensation of one vacation days and four lieu days.
  • Vacation: Traveled to Portland, Oregon with my family. We actually pooled money together and had one person pay for all the shared expenses. It worked out pretty well and made it easier to settle the tab.
  • School: I had to send in university transcripts for my Quebec teaching license. Along with printing out lesson plans at Staples and buying a few books, I easily spent $300.
  • Clothing: Including some June purchases, I’d spent about $300 on clothing, including a pair of winter gloves ($35 USD) to replace the terrible North Face ones I bought last winter.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 4.49.21 PM


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