Back Up North

After 10 days of being disconnected, we are finally online! The past two weeks, J. and I have been cleaning, unpacking and cooking from scratch*. Just being domestic!

I’ve also been trying to do some work on the chin-up bar at home; right now, I’m just holding myself up for as long as I can and doing 2-3 a day. Especially after the rockclimbing trip at Metcalfe Rock, I’ve realized I need to train myself more on my upper body strength.

In the evenings, J. and I take long walks (with the exception of tonight, after getting back online). J. has pointed out that I slam my heels down and I don’t walk properly. During our walks, I’ve been trying to focus more on using the front of my sole, while engage my core and squeezing my buttocks. I never had any problems when I used to walk a lot – for hours even – in high school and at university. In the last five years, I’ve lost the knack after becoming a car-obsessed driver.

It’s good that J. forces me to walk to school – about 10 minutes away – rather than driving. At work, I’ve been mostly cleaning up the science lab. Today we had our first staff meeting and I met lots of new faces. Tomorrow we will receive students for registration. School officially starts next week Tuesday.

As for the weather in Waskaganish? It doesn’t feel like summer here. There was only one day where I wore a dress, but the rest of the time I’ve been walking in long jeans and a light sweatshirt. It can drop down to 8 C°.

But you get used to it up here. Such is life.

The past week, we made Punjabi chana, hummus and eggplant roast.


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