Trial and Error

Before I came up north, I bought a bunch of ingredients that I hadn’t cooked with before. I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out new recipes throughout the year.

I decided that this weekend, I’d give a go at fava beans. Friday night, I soaked a bag of dried beans and browsed a few recipes. I kept putting off the task, but by Sunday I still hadn’t decided how to prepare them.

After boiling them for 2 hours in the afternoon, I realized that there was a thick skin on it that needed to be peeled off.* So one by one, I squeezed the beans out. J. agreed that they have a heavy smell to it and didn’t look very appetizing. I thought, why bother trying a new recipe? I ended up turning the fava beans into an alternative version of hummus. Might as well, J. liked my hummus that I made on Tuesday. Tossed in a few spoonfuls of tahini, minced garlic and lemon juice; a dash of olive oil and I was finally finished.

Gawd, I don’t know how much time I put into making that!


But that was not the end of my embarrassment.

After browsing the internet for a while, I read that the skin could actually be peeled after soaking it, before they are cooked. It makes it easier to remove the skin and isn’t such a big mess. ARGHHH!!! At least knowing that I made the same mistake as these two guys did, I don’t feel that stupid after all.

*A lot of people recommend keeping the thick skin on fresh fava beans.


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