September Goals: Slacking on the Exercise

It was a very busy month and while I didn’t set very strong goals, part of this exercise is also just to get me back into writing monthly goals.


  • Go kayaking once a week (4/5): We managed to go three times, although I was aiming for twice that. I’m proud to admit that I’m getting better at hauling my kayak onto the Hullavator by myself.
  • Go walking regularly (1/5): Work has been keeping me busy and again, I’ve not been as active. I didn’t do many evening walk this month.
  • Find four new recipes good for regular meals (2/4): Only came up with two dishes – broiled eggplant with Korean miso and shittake with Asian noodles and broth. I didn’t have the energy to try new recipes this month.
  • No onion rings (3/5): I went a little crazy in August. I caved once at the restaurant while eating with the vice-principal.
  • Forearms (3/5): My goal was simply to continue doing 2 chin-ups a day. I’m averaging only about 1 right now. Need to get back into maintaining just two – once in the morning and once at night.


  • Balance spending with car payments (5/5): Each month, I am paying two payments of 157.24 and a single payment of 198.75 for insurance. That’s approximately $513.23 a month. I suppose this wasn’t so much a goal as a reminder of how much I spend.
  • No iTunes purchases (5/5): I held back on any online purchases. I even sold $50 worth of iTunes cards for $55. I might continue doing this in the future.


  • Continue practicing Mandarin (1/5): Downloaded units 11-15, but only listened to unit 11. I haven’t had the free time to work on my Mandarin.
  • Develop strong relationships with teachers (3/5): I’m starting to get to know S. and I. more. The teacher across the hallway, I., has lots of great tips for me.
  • Network outside the community (5/5): I was also returning a favour to a teacher that I knew in Chisasibi. As well, it was nice that C., a science teacher in Waswanipi, asked me for resources and advice. I regularly keep in touch with S. and A., whom I used to work with in my previous company about curriculum and ideas.

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