Cracked Windshield

The road from Waskaganish is unpaved gravel. It’s a bit more dangerous to drive on it, especially when you find your tires slipping underneath you. As I was headed out on Saturday morning, going to the graduation in Chisasibi, a truck passed me in the opposite direction and launched a rock in the air, which smashed into my windshield. Just twenty minutes from home, I had now acquired a baseball-sized crack in the driver’s side.

It’s a good thing that I bought a service package at the Honda dealership which covers these things. It is definitely coming in handy! My friend, E. and I., told me up here, they have to do it on their van about once a year.

I will have to get an oil change, with all the clicks I’m putting on the CRV. And since it’s our one-year anniversary, maybe J. and I can make the most of the Thanksgiving long weekend with a drive into Val D’Or.



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