Pizza Night

Since I’m vegetarian, I like cooking for the both of us. It works out very well, since J. isn’t as picky about foods as I am. Plus he has never eaten very much meat, even when he lived on his own.

There are only a few occasions in which we make our food separately, such as pizza. Tonight, after a quick saunter to the grocery store, J. put the dough together. Then we decorated our own pizza. J. prefers having classic ingredients, while I like mine to be fancy. I’d never made a white pizza before, so I decided to give it a try. I made one side white and one side red. The white side turned out very well, especially with a glass of white wine.

Yum yum!

ABOVE: I had a half-white, half-red pizza. One side had gruyere,
zucchini, Tofurkey sausage and wild mushrooms. I used Yves vegetarian
pepperoni and peppers on the other side.

ABOVE: James’ traditional meat pizza. Pepperoni,
mushrooms and peppers. We were low on black olives.


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