Vegg, Not Eggs

I have a rather embarrassing secret.

A year ago, while I was living in Chisasibi, Quebec, I must have picked up some bacteria that threw my gut flora off balance. Since then, anything I eat with with sulphur in it causes me to have terrible, horrendous gas. It means I can’t eat raw onions anymore. It also means that eggs are off-limits; this means no Hollandaise, no scrambled eggs, no sunny side-ups, no oozy-gooey yolks inside a soft-boiled egg.*

And since I love, love, looooorrrrve the taste of eggs, I need an alternative to satisfy my cravings.

Today, after seeing a photos my friend, V., had taken**,  I realized I had a bag of egg replacer in my cupboard. During my trip to Portland, I had picked up a pack of Vegg*** at Food Fight!, a vegan grocery store. I’ve been too hesitant to try it out, but seeing this video gave me just the kickstart. In fact, it has some amazing reviews and everyone says it’s tastes almost like the real thing (a hard concept for most people, I know).

This will be my new project; I just need to buy some silicon baking cups, silken tofu and agar agar powder and then I can make “eggs” and Hollandaise sauce!  


*Perhaps for the better, considering how awful the egg industry can be. Just last week, CTV recently did an undercover story in Alberta

**It’s being served in a few restaurants in Toronto, including the Bickford Flexitarian

***There aren’t many places that sell Vegg in Canada right now. The only online retailer I know of is Karmavore in British Columbia.


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