Badminton In Waskaganish

Had a great night at badminton. My pushes, drops and smashes felt natural and relaxed. I didn’t over-extend myself, lose my breath and get tired between rallies. I was making cross-court shots and playing the net. I returned to centre court again and again. I only left with a light sweat.

It’s been four months since I last played. In Chisasibi, I had regular matches every Tuesday and Thursday; it wasn’t hard with a group of reliable opponents. Unfortunately, in Waskaganish, there aren’t a group of regulars. It took a few weeks before I managed to convince a student I used to work with, M., who had graduated last year, to play every Sunday evening. Since his dad is the Phys. Ed. teacher, it wasn’t too hard to score the time slot. I dropped off the paperwork at school last week and secured the gym from 5-7 pm every Sunday. Hopefully I can convince a few other people to join us. I need the exercise, I haven’t been doing much else!

Watching videos on YouTube definitely is an easy and quick way to keep me motivated. It would just help if our bandwidth was a little better.* I also like helping others on the court. I can’t help it, I’m a teacher! As M. had never played badminton until he moved to Waskaganish, I’ve been giving him tips here and there. When I’m coaching someone else, it helps to remind me of the good habits I should be demonstrating.

*When J. is watching Netflix, I can’t use YouTube. Yeah, it blows.


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