Daydreaming about Turkey

Currently contemplating my future travel plans. My friend, B., won a ticket to Turkey at a convention. She didn’t travel last year because of the protests happenings. However, her ticket expires in April, which coincides with my 2 weeks off for ‘Goose Break’.

We’ve been talking about traveling together for many years and despite the fact that we’ve known each other for eighteen years now – we met in Grade 7 – and that we’ve lived together for 3 years, this might be the first time the two of us travel abroad alone together!

I’m not sure how much to budget right now, but I needed a number to focus on and decided to estimate $2500. Since it would be five months from now, I would have to set aside $500 a month.


That’s as much as I pay a month for my car payments and insurance, which is definitely a stark reminder of the value of my pay. I do wish I were making more – who doesn’t?! – and traveling more often. I set up a new travel ASP on ING Direct and added it onto my side goals (see right side of the page). However, I’m still torn whether I should save money for a longer trip in the summer or take the short trip during my spring break.

So while nothing is set in stone yet, I downloaded the free sample of Pimsleur Unit 1 Digital Turkish and watched a few tourism videos. Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s nice to daydream!


5 thoughts on “Daydreaming about Turkey

  1. Perhaps limit the amount of intra-province travel you do until Goose Break? I know that may be hard if you are going to another town to get supplies/car repair and maintenance.

    Can you supplement your income in any way?

    • I can do additional tutoring, but it only pays $15 an hour. I’m not particularly interested at this time.

      I won’t be taking any unplanned trips but will have to take another trip next week for my English exam.

  2. I was in Turkey a few years ago as part of a cruise, and it was beautiful! Definitely make the trip to Ephesus – well worth it. The Blue Mosque is quite a sight, and definitely go to the Spice Market.

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