Monthly Goals: November

After four months of settling in up north, I haven’t saved any money. I’m still breaking even right though. The biggest expense I have each month is my car payments and insurance; it is a little over $500. Other than that, the trips that we take to Val D’Or and Rouyn also take a big chunk out of the bank account.

It hurts that gas has skyrocketed to $1.69/litre. There’s only one station in town, and the next one is 330 km away. So you don’t have a choice where you gas up!

We will cut down on our recreational travels, but next week, I will be driving to Rouyn to write an exam for my Quebec teaching licenses. There’s no charge for the exam, but I will have to take two days unpaid from work and also cover my own gas and accommodations. Currently, I just have my a certificate of conditional eligibility. I spent the summer getting my friend, B., to notarize my documents. Instead of paying her $50 a document, I bought her a few bottles of expensive scotch.

It’s been a long process. Once I am given my license, I should receive approximately $5500 in retention pay at the end of the year. It will have costed me about $500 to get it done, but it will be worth it.

Here is the review of my November goals:


  • Chin-up training (2/5): My goal of 2 chin-ups a day fell to 1. I also missed several days the pass week.
  • Yoga (0/5): Use my new Rodney Yee DVD. Transfer goal to December.
  • Cooking (0/5): Try to make vegan eggs because of my sensitivity to sulphur. Forgot about this, will try in December
  • Reconnect (5/5): My social life here is somewhat limited and I should try to catch up on a few people. I talked to R. on the phone for an hour. Last weekend, J. and I visited a bunch of old coworkers in Eastmain. This weekend, we had people over for board games.


  • Figure out the contribution room of RSP (5/5): I always get confused about my RSP contribution room. Mom has looked into this for me and suggested I refill my TSFAs rather than contribute to my RSPs. I set my ASP to $1/week just so I don’t forget to readjust it in the future.
  • Start a travel goal (5/5): I started an ASP for $240 biweekly, the day after payday, into my travel fund. I want to travel but I don’t want to spend. I’ll make a decision in the spring if I still decide to go to Turkey.


  • Get snow tires installed (5/5) – My mom had offered to help out with the car, and since I wanted to be the only person financially responsible for my car, I suggested she pay for my winter tires. This came out to $777 for four Toyo tires. I am storing my summers in Val D’Or for $50/season.
  • Change a service check (5/5): All checked! I love the Honda dealership in Val D’Or. They have great service.
  • Change windshield (5/5)– This cost $475 out of my own pocket. Ouch.


  • Network outside of school (2/5): Went to gym teacher, C.’s house, for a chat. I was hoping to get to know another teacher too. Will keep working
  • Practice another language (3/5): Finish the four remaining units on Mandarin. I only did two, but started the third. Transfer goal to December.
  • Reading (3/5): I finished reading Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed. Am starting the Hands-On Chemistry Activities manual ($23) that I bought off but didn’t get very far.
  • Book my brevet exam (5/5): I booked my exam for the first week of December

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