December Update

Brevet: On Thursday, I finished my exam with half an hour to spare! It was no more difficult than a high school exam. The first hour and a half involved reading an article about educational philosophy and answering five questions. The second part was two hours long; write a 500-word essay, chosen from three topics. The invigilator was surprised and said that I was the first person who finished well before the three-and-a-half hour allotted time.

Languages: While on the road, I finished unit 15 of my Pimsleur Mandarin. Originally, I was suppose to finish it in November, as part of my monthly goals. I still struggle with some of the numbers, but now I can ask how much an item costs in renminbi or American dollars, if someone would like to go to dinner with me and tell basic time.

Rewards: I lost my Air Miles card Thursday morning, when I was packing up and leaving the hotel. Argh!! This meant I gave up a lot of points when I went grocery shopping at IGA. I guess I’ll have to order a new one. I also ordered another $25 Esso as card from my American Express points. I had 3500 points to put towards it. The one I ordered back in July I used the past weekend for my trip to Rouyn.

Friends: Last night, we threw a dinner party. Well, I threw a dinner party. J. was a little bit miffed that I hadn’t asked if this was okay before I invited people over. Some of my ex-coworkers came by, as well as the vice-principal. Since I just got back from the city, our fridge was stuffed with food. I made imam bayildi, which is a simple Turkish dish, on top of rice and lentils. For munchies in between our board games, we also shared a box of St. Hubert’s mozzarella cheesesticks. It was a very successful night! I realize throwing dinner parties can be expensive, but I love sharing my excitement with food with friends. It’s also nice just to hang out and see people happy.


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