Rice Wraps

I find food prep very meditative. The beginning of the week was very stressful and resulted in three suspensions and a few parent meetings. Thankfully, I was back in my groove by Friday and it became my best teaching day!

This morning, I made rice wraps for lunch. I used avocado, grilled tofu, cilantro and carrot.* For dipping, I made a small mixture of satay peanut sauce and Sriracha.

DSC_0016 DSC_0017

I also made a big pot of Indian-style yogurt-covered chickpeas, which we are bringing over to a friend’s for a potluck later tonight. I really enjoy cooking and J. is easy to please. He’s not vegetarian but he’s happy to eat nearly everything I make him. He makes me feel like an awesome cook!

Of course, I’m looking forward to taking a little break from the kitchen. I’m excited to be returning to Toronto in a week and eating out Ethiopian injera and Shanghainese leek dumplings!

Yum, yum, yum!!!

*I had wanted to use the bean sprouts ($0.79) I’d bought in Rouyn last week, but I forgot to change the water and they rotted before I remembered. 


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