Year at a Glance 2013

Here are some notable markers in the year of 2013. The beginning of my year was pretty exciting, but I’m happy that I am more settled into my career now:


  • Got interviewed for a documentary


  • Purchased my own rockclimbing gear
  • Went surfing for for the first time
  • Completed my Athabasca business math course
  • Traveled to Hawaii and poked lava with a stick


  • Went snowshoeing for the first time
  • Got a credit report and checked my credit score


  • Snowshoed across Great Whale River
  • Started taking a MOOC on Coursera
  • Did an interview with the my school board


  • Went indoor rockclimbing with Yan Yan
  • Did an interview on Cree radio


  • Hiked over La Grande 1 and saw foxes
  • Taught Gramma a card game, Spot It!
  • Started learning Spanish through Pimsleur


  • Went camping at Craigleith Provincial Park
  • Bought a car for the first time – a used Honda CRV
  • Went outdoor rockclimbing for the first time
  • Traveled to Portland, Oregon with the family
  • Got paid for lieu days (five days)
  • Stayed at a vegan bed-and-breakfast
  • Started learning Mandarin through Pimsleur
  • Took a kayaking lesson in Toronto


  • Purchased my own kayak
  • Moved out of the house and in with J.
  • Took a hike in Parc Aiguebelle
  • Attended a school board conference


  • Kayaked on the Broadback River


  • Participated in my first teacher-parent night
  • Attended the James Bay Eeyou School 2013 graduation ceremony and presented an award
  • Hiked a trail in Aiguebelle National Park


  • Completed report cards
  • Started learning Korean through Pimsleur


  • Wrote my brevet exam
  • Got a satellite radio
  • Hung out with my cousins from New York
  • Finished unit 15 of Pimsleur Digital Mandarin

4 thoughts on “Year at a Glance 2013

    • Thanks! The last few months were heavily work focused and weren’t as exciting as the beginning of the year. I suppose that’s why it’s good to have these lists. They help me reflect on how much I accomplished and gained in 12 months, because it’s very easy to forget!

    • You can’t stand near it for more than 5 seconds, otherwise you feel as if the heat is going to melt your body!

      We also saw people heating hot dogs and melting marshmallows over the lava. It was quite the sight!

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