Review of 2013 Annual Goals

Lots of milestones this year – my first car, my first full-time job with a school board and moving out of my mom’s house. It sounds so crazy, but I’ve just been going with the flow; everything that has happened has felt natural and not at all scary.

So here’s a quick review of my 2013 goals. Then onwards to 2014!


  • Donate blood (0/5): I made a donation last year but de-priortized it, due to the limited time I have in the city. Perhaps I’ll go next summer.
  • Work out throughout the year (3/5): There were a few notable “firsts” – I rockclimbed outdoors at Metcalfe Rock, surfed in Hawaii and snowshoed in the north. Returning to snorkelling was fun too, as it had been 15 years since I’d first started in Mexico. Sadly there were few no opportunities for beach volleyball. I play badminton on a weekly basis up north, but have not been to any of the fitness classes! And despite the variety of events throughout the year, I have not had consistent, regular exercise.


  • Make a few trades on with TD Webbroker (0/5): This has been a goal that I’ve repeatedly failed over the past few years. I am hesitant to make a trade and just don’t know what I should be buying. You know what, I’ll buy something. If I lose it, whatever, but I should stop dragging my feet.
  • Work on building my RSPs (1/5): On hold right now. Since I bought a car, I took some money out of my TSFAs and will work on building that first. Currently I have approximately $11,000 in RSPs.
  • Diversify TSFAs (0/5): Yes, this is a reoccurring theme. I have not been paying attention to my investments.


  • Work on interviewing (3/5): Did an interview with the Cree School Board and it went wonderfully. Of course, I already knew I had the job, so it was a very low-pressure environment that didn’t necessarily challenge me.
  • Learn a new language (5/5): This was great fun and only started halfway through the year! I completed several free introduction units on Pimsleur, including Italian, German and Japanese through Also, I purchased and finished 5 units of Spanish, 2 units of Korean and 15 units of Mandarin. That’s 12.5 hours of language learning!
  • Upgrade myself to secondary teaching qualifications: (2/5) Finished my business math credit in the spring. I was planning on getting my second teachable, but since it is my first year full-time teaching, I decided to focus on that first. I will work on obtaining my Senior Math ABQ either in 2014 or 2015.
  • Read 10 books (5/5): I overshot this goal by four books! I finished American Savage, The Charisma Myth, The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian, Lean In, Drive, Olive KitteridgeHow Children Succeed, Habit, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, Into Thin Air, David and Goliath, Bossypants, the Power of Less, Flowers for Algernon. The funny thing is that I feel like I haven’t read very much; listening to audiobooks means you’re not holding anything in your hand and you often feel as if you haven’t been sitting with a book!
  • Upgrade my CPR qualifications (0/5): The school offered a free course, but it never happened, unfortunately.
  • Work on cleaning up the prep room (1/5): I was in touch with J., a teacher down in the Ottawa Valley, and also purchased a labelling kit from Boreal Science. Unfortunately, I haven’t done much yet and it fell down the list of priorities.

Home / Relationships

  • Write a will (0/5): Transfer to 2014
  • Save for a mattress (5/5): I completed my savings goal but ended up transferring the money to a car instead. Also, I no longer needed a mattress – the school board provided J. and I with a furnished apartment; we were lucky enough to get a brand new mattress at the beginning of September!
  • Learn to maintain a car (3/5): I’m learning a bit here and there. I have created a new page titled ‘Car Maintenance‘ to track what I have learned.
  • Take a family trip (5/5): Had an amazing time in Hawaii with my mom and my sister. I even took a second trip with them to Portland, Oregon. I do like NZ Muse’s idea that you can’t put a price on travel.

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