Three Days in Montreal

Over the Christmas break, I went to Montreal with one of my good friends growing up, B. We met each other in Grade 7 and even went to university, living together for three years. We don’t often get to spend time together, so we took a mini road trip to Montreal. It’s odd to say that I’ve never traveled overseas with her in the 19 years we’ve known each other. I hope we do end up going to Turkey in April!

Here are a few photos from our trip.


Phanaeng tofu and rice at Phnom Penh Restaurant in Kingston, ON

IMG_2415Vegetarian pogos at Orange Julep

IMG_2447Walking the icy streets in the Old Port

IMG_2454Poutine with vegetarian gravy and a pint of beer

IMG_2476Morning pastry and cappucino at the local boulangerie

IMG_2502Chihuly at the Museum of Fine Arts

IMG_2532Vegan souvlaki and tzatiki at Aux Vivres

IMG_2550The snowy view from Mont Royale


5 thoughts on “Three Days in Montreal

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    • Yes! We didn’t try to cram in too much, since we were there for only 3 days. Gives me a reason to go back – just explore a little at a time.

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