Half Day

It was another half day at work. The elementary school has been closed for the past two days, since there is zero heat. However, the heating system in the high school was still running.

This morning though, the vice-principal finally made a call to close the high school as the heating system was not working fully, so some of the classrooms, including my science lab, was starting to dip under 18 Celsius.

For lunch today, I decided to treat myself to the antipasti that I picked up in Amos on the trip home. We had grilled mushrooms, roasted red peppers and stuffed grape leaves. A bit of an expensive lunch, since each of those were about $4 each, but you can put a price on healthy food when you live in such isolated conditions!

As well, I made some miso soup and salad. J. doesn’t like cheese, so I cut a slice of the Seigneur de Tilly Bergeron cheese. Quebec always has an amazing selection of cheese at great prices. I admit, I just love eating and lunch is a highlight of my day!

I should go. There are some sunbeams calling me to the couch. Time to snuggle up with my book, Pillars of the Earth.



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