A Paradigm Shift

Yes, I know.

I haven’t been making many posts about my personal development. My first – and now defunct – blog, Two Degrees of Unemployment, was to help me move forward in life, as I analyzed my actions and intentions, reflected on my mistakes, tracked my financial progress and laid out my goals of the future.

There have been tectonic shifts since then; three years later, I have moved out, bought my first car* and am now working as a middle-school teacher.

Yet lately, more often than not, I’ve been blogging about what I’m eating and what I’m buying. I haven’t been saving any much money, but I’ve been spending it on lifestyle upgrades.

Let’s be clear, I’m not regretting anything. Being on the road the last two years was hard and I slept in more than two dozen different mattresses and couches. While I kept my sense of adventure, the nomadic life was tiring me out and I was yearning for stability. So it’s nice to finally have my own kitchen and bed; just a place to call home, really, at the end of the day.

But I’ve become a bit too comfortable and as I browsed my old journal entries, I found this quote from Psychology Today from an entry I’d made back in February 2011:

We live in a society where comfort has become a value and a life goal. But comfort reduces our motivation for introducing important transformations in our lives. Sadly, being comfortable often prohibits us from chasing our dreams. Many of us are like lions in the zoo: well-fed but sit around passively stuck in a reactive rut. Comfort equals boring shortsightedness, and a belief that things cannot change. Your comfort zone is your home base, a safe place not to stay in, but to return to, after each exhausting and exhilarating expedition through the wilderness of life.

I would like to make some lifestyle changes and set new goals for February. I haven’t decided what these will be yet, but as an INTJ, I’m always thinking about these things. I’ll definitely share what I’ve got my mind once I’ve ironed out the details a bit more.

*Well, technically, I don’t own it yet. I’ll be financing for the next 4.5 years.


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