Monthly Goals: January


  • Yoga (2/5): J. bought a Rodney Yee DVD for me back in November. I’d pushed it off, but finallycompleted the first of six parts – sun salutations – once. First time attempting Warrior 3 and also Reverse Triangle.
  • Go cross-country skiing (4/5): This was so fun! I’ve gone 3 times so far. It takes me a while to glide fully, but I am working on it. We can only go on the weekends, because it gets too dark after work on the weekdays.
  • Continue trying new recipes (2/5): Still haven’t tried vegan eggs recipe, but I did find vegan tzitiki recipe based on raw cashews.


  • Start hydroponics (0/5): We did not start this. Goal for February.
  • Fully back up all photos (3/5): I don’t have backups of my files on iPhoto. I started backing up my files at night but had to stop for a week when the Macbook stopped recognizing external devices. Once I updated to iOS 10.9 Mavericks, it was running again. Complete as soon as possible in February.


  • Adjust 5 Choices for American Express (5/5): Done the first week of January, but unfortunately, the IGA in Amos doesn’t take AMEX cards! Argh!
  • Update insurance and get dental claim (5/5): My dental claim for my teeth cleaning went through. I am covered for 80% of the charge. Also, my profile was updated so it doesn’t say that I’m a man anymore!
  • Get J.’s passenger money back (1/5): I’d sent the request through and it was approved by J’s supervisor, but the money still has not come through the paystub. This is a pain, as the claim is from August 2013.
  • Cancel American Express (4/5): I canceled my card, but still need the last $15 credit to be transferred to my second American Express.


  • Use American Express credit card for gas (5/5): Continue to use this card to accumulate points. Unfortunately, I can only do this out of town.


  • Check payscale 18 years (4/5): It took four emails and a complaint to my union to finally get someone in HR to look into my scolaritie. Now that I’ve passed the brevet exam, I waiting on the certificate and this may bring me up on the payscale. I’ve done as much as I can for now.
  • Get a subscription with OnBoard Education (5/5): It was quick to set up. I will need the school to reimburse me the amount from my classroom budget.
  • Work on short answer responses with students (0/5): Need to work on it for next month.


  • Start researching about Turkey (5/5): I spent a few hours one weekend looking up major sites and making notes in Google Docs. Waiting for the principal to confirm the dates of our spring break, so I can start looking into flights. I also ordered the Lonely Planet guide and am waiting for it to come in.
  • Start learning a few Turkish phrases (1/5): I purchased 5 units of Pimsleur Digital Turkey and have completed one unit so far. I’ve also been playing around with a few free language apps. This will be a big focus for February.

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