More Treats

Since there was a fire in the boy’s bathroom, the entire school was dismissed before lunchtime. The fire is actually bad enough that the school will be closed tomorrow as well as they clean it. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

While part of me is glad to have the day off, it makes me angry that someone would even do this. I doubt that the culprit will be charged by the police, but such a foolish prank could have extremely serious consequences. The school is a community space that is extremely important here and I would hate to see anything happen to this place.

Since we were dismissed early, I got to the airport half an hour early to pick up J. While he was in Val D’Or, he stopped at the Loblaws and picked up several packs of Tofurkey marinated tempeh strips! I don’t ask for much, but I love food. He is going to bake some bread tomorrow and we will have it as a sandwich.

For lunch, we ate the leftover sushi from last night. And for dessert, we had some sugar-sprinkled cinnamon donuts that were baked fresh from IGA. What a treat! Even after stuffing ourselves, we made sure to go for a 45-minute quick ski by the river.

It was a beautiful day.


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