Imam Bayildi

The school is still closed from yesterday’s fire. The story that’s come out now is that a student burned paper to mask the smell of marijuana that he was smoking in the bathroom.

We went skiing again near the water intake plant and did the same circle for about 45 minutes. I wasn’t as winded as yesterday. J. would like to go a few times a week as our regular exercise. Afterwards, we came back and watched another episode of Downton Abbey. We are currently deep into season 2, as the Spanish Influenza breaks out just after World War I.

For dinner, I made imam bayildi, since I had two eggplants sitting in the fridge. I kinda screwed it up as I didn’t cook the eggplant through all the way, so it came out chewy despite baking it for an hour.




3 thoughts on “Imam Bayildi

  1. omigosh. even though it did not cook all the way through, it looks delish. I want to try out that recipe now. I’ve never even heard of it. Thanks for sharing.

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