First KWL Chart of the Year

I’m ashamed to say that this is the first “What I Know, Want to Know, What I Learned” (KWL) chart that I’ve done this school year. I put this up after we did a Smartboard lesson on the digestive system and watched a Bill Nye video.

The majority of statements were generalized statements about how the lesson was “interesting”, yet they didn’t demonstrate any learning. Only a handful of students used newly acquired vocabulary words.

However, I managed to get ONE great question that inquired, “Why do we burp?”

KWL chart


2 thoughts on “First KWL Chart of the Year

  1. I’ve never heard of KWL charts before. I don’t think it existed when I was in school. So at the end of the lesson, they write down things they knew already, things they learned and things they’d like to learn?

    • Usually it’s a chart that students keep throughout a unit. At the beginning of the unit, they write anything they know. If I’m starting a unit about organs, they could write down the names of different organs, that organs are made out of cells, etc. It’s what we call a ‘diagnostic’ tool to see where the class is. As you go through the unit, you start adding to it.

      Yes, the three parts are – things they knew before they started the unit, ideas they want to learn about and ideas they gained through the lesson(s).

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