Cleaning Out the Fridge

This morning, J. and I did a morning ski around the perimeter of the airport. It had snowed several inches last night, so the fresh powder made it easy to navigate. When I came home, I crashed and fell into a 3-hour coma after lunch.

For dinner, I didn’t want to cook, so I decided to eat leftovers from the fridge.

I’d neglected an entire bag of tomatoes stashed in the bottom! Since we don’t often get to have fresh tomatoes – the ones at the local store are ludicrously expensive and bland – I sliced someQuebecois cheese, cracked some pepper and drizzled a hint of Valseco olive oil on as an appetizer. The magic touch was a small sprinkle of salt, something that works beautifully with tomatoes.


I also hadn’t had noodles in a long time. Unfortunately, I forgot that the mushroom broth was made of morels and chanterelles. It didn’t exactly go well with sesame oil, enoki and Asian-style noodles.


Oh well, I ate it anyway.


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