24-Hours and Home Again

I’m glad that I flew up to Chisasibi for the regional science fair competition. It was just what I needed.

The past week, I’ve been feeling grumpy and miserable. The secondary 1s were driving me mad and the 3s were being confrontational. A trip out to my old home and a breath of fresh air was just what the doctor would have ordered – to laugh and remind me how kids can be awesome. I needed to be around people who are vibrant, loved life and want to share themselves, people that want to know about you.

I meet some cool kids: silly S. with her loud voice and beautiful freckled cheeks; W. with her vivid imagination and bossiness, unmatched to any 6-year-old I’d ever met; C.’s grade 7 student, J. whose curiosity knows no bounds (we discussed the principles of air pressure while flying home on the plane) and even the long-haired boy from Waswanipi, who was poking me on the bus, because he just wanted to play. It was refreshing to spend time with children that were excited about life.

It was also great to see old friends and coworkers – C., who is always very professional and carries a big smile; F., who has little patience for incompetency; G., who sometimes stresses over the small details but always wants to do a good job and M., who is just easy-going and happy to laugh. It was nice to say hello to my old badminton partner, T., who asked me if I brought my racquet with me. Even students I didn’t know well came up to me and said hello!

I do miss being in Chisasibi. But when I think about it, what I missed the most is how open and how welcoming the world can really be.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.01.54 PM


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