Amazing Apps: Barefoot Atlas

I am an avid reader and have slowly started taking an interest in interactive ebooks.

Last week, I started playing around with a neat children’s interactive atlas, Barefoot Atlas, published by Touch Press. It’s a fantastic way to read about the world. The vocabulary is fairly simple, the facts are presented in short paragraphs, which can be read aloud and is aimed mainly for at elementary or middle-school aged kids.

The basic book is $4.99, but it encourages you to make in-app purchases on other packages (i.e. international art, famous cities, etc.). The publisher is currently working on other additions.


I decided to try out the puzzle game ($1.99), where you must drag and drop countries into the right place. The puzzle is separated by regions of the world, but you can try finding all 164 countries, if you’re up for the task! While I would never struggle with the Asiatic nations, it’s been a great way to learn about Latin American and the myriad of countries in Africa.

Ranking: Great price, beautiful graphics and animations. 5 out of 5 stars



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