Things I Am Not Buying

I am on a shopping ban right now.

The last few items I purchased were a watch, a shirt and some earrings in January. And yet I still want some new clothes. It’s been hard, as I’ve been just aching to get a few blouses and tops from ModCloth or Ann Taylor Loft. I’ve decided to grit my teeth and save my money for my upcoming trip to Turkey instead.

But a girl can dream, right? So I’m going to share all things I’m not buying.

1. Like this amazing rash-guard-style one-piece swimsuit ($73 USD): Va-va-voom! I love the colours and the cut. It would be great for when I take stand-up paddle (SUP) classes in July.

2. Or this uber cute peach-coloured tank top ($20 USD): Spring in Waskaganish is more like muddy, cold, pothole season. We are pretty much guaranteed to have snow until the end of May. Yet I wouldn’t mind a work top that I could wear into summer. This would be a great little patterned top to mix and match with my teachery cardigans. 

3. And of course, no gal can trot around without a slick-looking vegan purse, right? ($85 USD): Ummm, up here, no one carries around a purse. I mean, EVER. Not even to a flea market or a funeral. In a small town of 2500, where there is exactly one restaurant and No Where Else To Go, there are no occasions to wear a nice bag around your elbow.


Back to my Turkish lessons.


3 thoughts on “Things I Am Not Buying

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