An Unusual Work Week

We’ve had a lot of interruptions this week.

Mind you, I’m not complaining; we should always make time for arts and culture, but it’s been an unusual work week. Tuesday was entirely devoted to the Roundtable discussions for the students through grade 7 to 11. On Wednesday, we watched a wonderful play called A Mind’s Eye.* On Thursday, we had Buffy Handel come as a motivational speaker and also perform glow-in-the-dark hoop dancing, a performance she based off a traditional medicine dance.

The end of the week was the beginning of three hockey tournaments, so the school has been quiet the past few days as the players have already hit the road to their respective destinations.

Knowing that it wouldn’t be productive to follow the regular curriculum, I took the opportunity to get kids practicing reading and creating Venn diagrams. To my surprise, some students were using them for the first time. Only a few remembered having seen them in elementary school.

Despite that, everyone has been doing quite well with the exercises and the worksheets. I’m really proud to see them working hard! Graphic organizers are great tools to have, no matter which subject you use. I will definitely try to incorporate more bar graphs, pie charts and other forms of data management into my lessons in the future.

*I’m proud to say I recognized a few cree words, including eeyou (people) and beesum (sun).
**This appears to be the most favourite example I’ve provided thus far.


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