Tax Return and (Upcoming) Travel Expenses

I got my tax late last week, at a total of $3420.23! I was able to get the tax credit for medical expenses because I had purchased glasses, contact lens and also paid for a health plan with the school board. In total, it was over 3% of my income, which meant that I was eligible for it.

With the tax return, I put $3000 towards (finally) topping up my TSFAs. My mom, who filed my taxes for me, told me that my contribution room for my RSPs this year is $9493 $10926; now that I’ve maxed out my TSFAs, I can start putting money back in again.

Also, I readjusted my goal of my travel fund for Turkey because my friend, B., had actually won two tickets. That means I can save the money for other expenses. It’ll be nice to travel together, as we’d known each other for 16 years and we’d been saying it for a looooong time.

Hmmm, that reminds me that I should probably start booking some hotels and inter-city flights …

Only 28 more days!


4 thoughts on “Tax Return and (Upcoming) Travel Expenses

  1. Congrats on the large tax return! I still haven’t contributed anything yet to my TFSA this year, but plan to do so next month when I have a bit more cash 🙂

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