Snowshoeing After Work

I’ve never really liked snowshoeing.

And although I wasn’t in the mood to go skiing, I pulled out my snowshoes and followed J. out to the water intake plant, off the Rupert River. It’s a few kilometers out of town, but it’s our favourite spot to go skiing. He took off for a 45-minute circuit, while I absentmindedly padded around muttering through my Pimsleur Digital Turkish lessons. Officially I have finished unit 7; just three more to go and 24 more days to go!

There is also some bad news; my Nikon D40X has decided it no longer works outdoor, even if I keep the battery warm under my jacket. The motor does not like the cold and has been boycotting winter since January. It’s been a while since I’ve shared any photos, so I made it a point to take a few grainy photos on the iPad.

For all you southerners – just to show you how deep the snow, is at the end of March, I took my snowshoe off and my right leg instantly sank to mid-thigh!

Photo 2014-03-27, 5 57 24 PM Photo 2014-03-27, 5 57 45 PMPhoto 2014-03-27, 6 19 58 PMPhoto 2014-03-27, 5 58 55 PM


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