New Phone?

I’m currently considering upgrading my phone to a Blackberry Q5.

Koodo is one of the few service providers that work in “the north” and they currently offer the Q5 for $150. Having an iPhone would be nice, but I feel as if I’d be paying for $500 for a second, smaller iPad! I would have no use for it when I’m out, since I wouldn’t even need to use Google Maps to find directions; the town, after all, is only about one kilometre from one end to the other.

The only thing left to do is to figure out a data plan. I’ve never had one before!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.36.24 PM
So why get one now?

Well, J. needs to game on his off time, so when I browse too much on the internet, it disrupts his gameplay.* We’ve had a few fights over the past few months, so I figured this could be a compromise. Having a bit of data means that I could still use Facebook for personal messaging at work (where it is blocked) or check work email at home without stealing all the bandwidth. It would also be a pleasant advantage to have my evenings start at 5 pm, rather than 7 pm (since I’m stuck on an older plan), so that my family had a bit more freedom to reach me.

Anyway, I figured I’ll figure this out once I’m back in Toronto in a mere … duh, duh, duh … twelve days!

*His current addiction is The Elder Scrolls.


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